Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review: The Enemy Within by Scott Burn

 Title: The Enemy Within
Author: Scott Burn

Blurb: Seventeen-year-old Max has always felt like an outsider. When the agonizing apocalyptic visions begin, he decides suicide is his only escape. He soon finds himself in an institution under the guidance of a therapist who sees something exceptional in him. Just as he begins to leave the hallucinations behind, Max discovers the visions weren't just in his head.
There are three others who have shared those same thoughts and they've been searching for Max. Like him, they are something more than human. Each of them possesses certain abilities, which they're going to need when a covert military group begins hunting them down.
As the danger escalates, Max doesn’t know which side to trust. But in the end, his choice will decide the fate of both species.

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Okay, for once, I will get straight to the point: the blurb of this book doesn't prepare you for the total badassery of this short novel.  I have warned you!

The Enemy Within got me hooked right away, I totally fell for the whole "crazy-visions-that-are-more-than-visions". I like the quartet made up of Max, Vincent, Jamie and Noah and I must say that - although short - the author managed to decently develop his characters. The sci-fi/ paranormal element was nicely woven into the story in a way that felt very harmonious.

The only thing that I felt the novel was a bit lacking was the level of the detail. The world-building is there but at times lacked substance, so much that sometimes I found it difficult to place a given scene or scenes....basically everything that was happening was happening on a blurry background. And the lack of detail made itself felt on a plot level too.I would have greatly appreciated some more detailed explanation on the background of the other race, why both parties (aliens & humans) acted the way they did and so on.

The final twist was good but I must say it it felt a tidbit too rushed. Still, the novel is enjoyable and I'd advice sci-fi fans to give it a try!


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