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Revenge is Sweet (Immortals of London #2) by Berni Stevens (ARC)

Title: Revenge is Sweet (Immortals of London #2)

Author: Berni Stevens
Release date: 12th of July
e-book: 2.4  
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Plot summary: Hell hath no fury like a vampire seeking revenge …
Life hasn’t been exactly normal for Ellie since she became a vampire. Although joining the legion of the undead was always going to take some getting used to, even if you are the partner of Will Austen, the Elder of London. But when Daniel, a fifteen-year-old fledgling vampire, unexpectedly turns up at Ellie’s and Will’s Highgate home, things start getting very strange – and more than a little scary.
Events take a devastating turn as a mystery troublemaker leaves behind a trail of carnage – and it soon becomes clear they will stop at nothing to get the Elder’s attention, even if it involves hurting the person he cherishes the most …
But when it comes to Ellie, Will Austen is the wrong vampire to mess with.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold"

Ladies and gentlemen, Berni Stevens did it again, she created another lush and sexy vampire novel, full of suspense, romance, twisted renegades, creepy vampire children and you name it. This sequel to "Dance until Dawn" doesn't let down.

As in the previous book Will & Ellie were sweet, endearing and so damn funny. The bantering between them was, as always, a real piece of art. (Ellie and Luke trying to get Will to use a mobile phone was definitely priceless).

Revenge is sweet is also very suspenseful, in my opinion even more than Dance until Dawn. I seriously didn't see some of the final twists coming and I really loved the initial mystery surrounding the new antagonist.At some point I was probably screaming as much as Ellie and what happened to Daniel---it was so heartbreaking! My heart went out to him.

Another thing I highly appreciated was how Ellie and with her the reader gets to know more about Will's past and how in the end their relationship solidify into something really beautiful (and they're so cute!).

I can't help but notice how things balanced out so to speak, in the first book is Will to be kidnapped in this one it is Ellie, they're even now (ha-ha). And what about the scold's bridle? Totally creepy. Berni Stevens writes such nasty antagonists that is really to wholeheartedly hate them.I'd lie if I say I didn't enjoy the bad guy's demise, I'm still waiting to read Khiara's though... I'm here popcorn in hand waiting to read her death!
As in the first book the writing style is smooth and  the pages fly by. Besides, it was very refreshing to have "Revenge is sweet" spare me from unnecessary and overly angsty melodrama and needless love-triangles(Thank you Berni, brava!).

What can I say? The ending was good, couldn't have been better really. But now what am I supposed to do with my life? I need more Will and Ellie! In truth, I believe every woman in this world needs a Will...and I don't mean a vampire, I mean a gentleman!



3.90 blossoms

A couple of side notes:
  1. The Cover IS GORGEOUS! Take a better look HERE.
  2. While reading I found the song "Vampire Heart by HIM" to be a good soundtrack 
  3. London as a setting is just perfect.

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  1. Thank you so much, Laura, for this fantastic review. I can honestly say you've totally made my day. When a reader loves Will and Ellie as much as I do, things really can't get any better for me as a writer.
    So . . . THANK YOU :) Berni xxx