Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review: The Crown Princess' Voyage

Title: The Crown Princess' Voyage
Author: Dylan Madeley
Plot: The Crown Princess Chandra Kenderley presides over a shaky peace in her empire, but there are few people she can completely trust. And though that trustworthy few will do everything they can, all suggestions point to the same thing. To maintain peace as well as protect her life, Chandra must set sail with those who remain loyal to her.
This is the one and only option that the mastermind behind everything wanted her to have. With known danger behind them and unknown dangers ahead, Chandra's voyage will take her into the convoluted trap of an obsessed enemy; one whose plans encompass the known world.
The Crown Princess' Voyage is the second book of The Gift-Knight Trilogy, and continues where The Gift-Knight's Quest left off

Disclaimer: This book was gifted to me by the author in exchange of an honest review

I liked the first installment of the book. In "The Gift Knight Quest" I had liked Chandra & Derek but in this one I barely could stand them both. I found Chandra highly annoying, she spent most of the time whining----she really, really grated on my nerves.  Derek annoyed me a bit less but still..
The (sort of) romance left me cold. I really didn't feel a hint of chemistry between the two *sighs*

The writing was still good, horizon were broadened, new characters were introduced, the plot was thick with a good level of detail---still this book failed to satisfy me. It didn't really disappoint, I just feel unsatisfied. What really bothered me was how no new layer was added to the old characters, meaning that they felt static, unchanged. And for a lover of character-driven novels this is a turn-off.

However I have to say that there is one character that really intrigued me and that's Alathea. Cool magic?  Very bad-ass? I'm game.

At times the book dragged quite a little, and the action scenes didn't feel exactly thrilling. However, I might be reading the next and final installment...time will tell.


 2,95 blossoms

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