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Spotlight On: Repercussions Abound (The Sapphire Chronicles Book 4) by RIval Gates + Excerpt

Spotlight on...

Repercussions Abound 

(The Sapphire Chronicles Book 4)

by Rival Gates

Linvin’s uncle Anvar is the closest person to him in the world and Anvar’s life is in the great half-elf’s hands. There’s just one problem. Linvin doesn’t remember him! Anvar is being held hostage by Linvin’s twisted nemesis, Lord Mandrean.
Linvin has until the first frost to surrender to him and take his uncle’s place in the gallows. Sadly, after a crack on the skull Linvin has forgotten his old life and taken up a new one. With time passing quickly and still a long way to travel, Linvin must regain his memory soon and leave his new life and wife behind if there is to be any chance of reaching Anvar in time
. Even if he gets there, can he really save Anvar and hold out any hope for himself in this custom made trap?

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The general in Linvin took center stage as he viewed the scene and quickly devised a strategy. He grinned as he thought about it and looked closely at his landing spot. 

I love the plan, Master. Just remember your footing and to protect your feet. These things are close to the ground and love to attack low. And do not worry about putting enough force behind your blows. Between your strength and my might the most delicate slash will cause a most fatal effect. 

Linvin had not moved his eyes. There are too many Trogos standing there with nothing to do. Wait for it. As if on cue the alpha let out a growling howl and two wolves ran around each side of the barn toward the northern entrance. Once they were well gone, Linvin smiled and the image of white flames appeared on Falconfeather. Old Friend, it is time to slaughter this scum. 

Linvin leapt off the roof and headed for the edge of the wagon closest to the fire. The two Trogos on the wagon were on their hind legs scratching with their front claws. As Linvin descended he stabbed Falconfeather into the side of the nearest Trogo right behind the neck and let his momentum slice deep into the creature all the way to its hindquarters. Linvin landed on the edge of the wagon and pulled his sword back from the barn. The dying beast fell upon his comrades who were stunned by the turn of events. Clinging to the element of surprise, Linvin stabbed completely through the mid-section of the other Trogo on the wagon. Again he discarded the carcass on the crowd below. 

By that point the other Trogoandras were enraged and urged on by the alpha. They jumped at Linvin’s feet and attempted to pull him down into the mass of wolves. Linvin slashed at them as they made their modest jumps, but knew his time on the wagon was short lived. His plan was to jump to the clear zone between the barn and the fire and make his stand there. As he prepared to jump, a Trogo leaning on the wagon reached up and wrapped its teeth around Linvin’s left calf.
Stab it in the chest. Stab it in the chest, Falconfeather quickly called. Linvin did as ordered and the Trogo released its grip as it was mortally wounded in the heart and fell back. 

Wasting no time, Linvin jumped to the open spot by the fire. A Trogo immediately attacked him. Linvin fended him off with his shield and used the beast’s momentum to raise it up. The action exposed the belly of the beast and Linvin did not think twice about slashing deep into its underbelly and dropping it for good. Another Trogo was right there to take its place as the fighting continued.
It’s only a matter of time until they come ‘round the fire and attack from two sides, Falconfeather warned. 

I expect as much, Linvin thought between attacks. Even so, with every kill the odds swing more in our favor, Old Friend.

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